Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2009 In a NUTSHELL

Zach and I are getting ready to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary in February. Time flies when you are having fun....RIGHT Zach.

2009 Has been a very interesting year in our lives. February 18, 2009 Zach and I celebrated our 4th anniversary, and my dad passed away that same day. What a way to kick things off. Thankfully we received the news after we had already celebrated. It will always put a new twist to my anniversary.

Zach is still attending SLCC and getting ready to transfer the U of U. We are anticipating his graduation very much, as most of you know that will send our family to Egypt for a few years. We are all very excited about that big change. The kids can't wait to see where Grandma and Papa go every time we take them to the airport. Zach has spent 3 months a year in Egypt working for the last 4 years.

I am still working at the U of U doing Birth Certificates. I don't love the fact that I am working, but if you have to work this is the job. The U recently remodeled the hospital. It is so beautiful and I actually have an office. I LOVE to be around the babies, and use my Spanish daily. I have made some life long friends and enjoy it.

Kohen is our BIG kid. He turned 3 in May and started preschool in September. He LOVES every minute of it. He is in a class with 3 of his cousins and is the youngest in his class. He has the pledge of Allegiance memorized and will do it on command. He is starting to recognize letters and can spell his name. He was diagnosed with Asthma this year and has only had to use his inhaler a handful of times. He is SO sweet and loves to be with family and friends. His sister is his best friend. He will be starting primary next Sunday. He is a GREAT kid and we love him to pieces.

Addison is our princess. She turned 2 in September and thinks she is 16. She LOVES to play dress ups and cook in her kitchen. She loves babies and wishes she had a real baby. Addi has endless amounts of energy and is very sweet. She occasionally will beat up Kohen. She defiantly can hold her own. She finally made it on the charts at the Dr. She weighs 25lbs...starting at 3lbs...that isn't bad. She loves to dance and watch Enchanted. She is very much a girly girl. She loves when I do her hair and brings smiles and laughs all day. We are so glad she is apart of our family.

Broc...our dog is getting old. He is a great dog to have around and is SO patient with our crazy kids. I love to have him around especially when Zach is in Egypt. He is low key and loves to go in the car. He loves when Papa and Grandma Betty come to visit...they give him the most attention.
We are so blessed with family that lives all around us. It definatly takes a village to raise your kids. We could never be doing this without our family.

I am sad to say that my NEON from high school finally died. We welcomed a new family member to the Gerrard Clan...a 2009 red HHR. It is a FUN car, and it is SO nice to have a radio that works ALL of the time.

Life overall has been good to us this year. Every year brings the good and the bad. Throws curve balls that are unexpected. My mom survived and deadly car accident on December 1, 2009. She is an amazing woman to me, she truly has angels with her at all times. Heavenly Father blesses us SO much.
I feel so blessed to have the 2 great kids that I have...they are healthy and normal. Their is just something about being told not do this again...Zach has been a ROCK to me through all of this. He is an amazing husband and dad. When he is playing with our kids, I often think how lucky they are to have him.

Hopefully 2010 will be a GREAT year to us ALL.
Happy New Year!