Monday, November 9, 2009

Goodbye Tyson...

Brock, TYSON, Braden and Argus
2 brothers and dog.
Last night my nephew Tyson got a call at 9:30pm with instructions to have his bags packed and his Recruiter would be to pick him up at 10:30.....ARE YOU KIDDING ME! I can't believe that I have a nephew old enough to be enrolled in the United States Air Force.

My sister called me in tears, telling me if I wanted to say goodbye to Tyson, I would have to meet him at his work. I grabbed my camera and drove as fast as I could. I saw Tyson walk out of the movie theaters with the BIGGEST SMILE! I am so prod of him, and I know that he will be AWESOME! Tyson and I have always had a brother-sister relationship more than aunt to nephew. I guess that is what you get when we are only 10 years apart.

He has been waiting for this day since graduation day from High School. Today, he is headed to Fort Worth Texas for Basic Training. We are hoping that he makes it home for Christmas. Either way...I don't think that he cares. He is SO excited. Tyson, we know that you will be awesome. My kids will miss you like crazy....Good Luck buddy....WE LOVE YOU!!!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

My Dancing Divas!

Trying NEW cute FUN to have a GIRL


Little DANCING be SO carefree...

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy HaLlOwEeN 2009

My STRONG spiderman and my BEAUTIFUL princess


SO Sweet...and LOVED everything about Halloween

All the kids at the SSCO party

Koda...Addi and Kohen....

We went to the annual Steven Sales Halloween party. The kids Trick or Treated every desk and then we had pizza! Saturday night we headed out to trick or treat and Kohen wasn't really into it. He stayed home with Zach and I took Addi....we had a BLAST and Kohen was really mad that Addi had a BAG full of Candy...go Figure!