Thursday, August 28, 2008

WhAt a CUTE LitTle MeSs

This is what happens when MOMMY is at work...

PuRe FUN!!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Embracing Motherhood

I am sitting here at work thinking about my cute little family, wishing I was home with them! I am SO grateful to them for what they bring to my life daily...I am thankful to Zach for embracing this journey of parenthood with me. He makes being a wife and mom so fun. His life is centered around us and I truly appreciate it. I love listening to Kohen talk about anything and everything. His voice is so DANG cute. He is always concerned about his sister and making sure everyone is Happy. Sometimes he will ask me..Mom You Happy today? I love him SO much! Addison is the little peacemaker. She is ALWAYS smiling and it is contagious. She lights up if you just look at her. Kohen is her world and LOVES when he gives her just one minute. They are the light of my life. I am thankful to Heavenly Father for trusting Zach and me to raise these sweet little people. I am thankful for each breath that they take, for their sweet Innocent laugh..for BIG BEAR hugs and the sweet little voice that tells me he needs a kiss. For the countless Smiles and the PURE joy that I feel everyday being a mom. I love you Zach, Kohen and Addison...

Embracing Motherhood
I’d rather sing a lullaby, late into the night than live a life of luxury, donning jewels so bright. I’d rather wipe a tear, and kiss away the pain than come home to an empty house, feeling lonely again. I’d rather invest in diapers and clothes that wear too fast than prove our prestige and wealth in things that just don’t last. I’d rather be a Mom; no greater job there is. Each child is a blessing, because each child is His. ~Becky Squire

Sunday, August 24, 2008

From The Beginning...

juSt plAying aROund

Addi lOVing eVEry seCOnd of aTtenTion koHen is wilLing to sAcrIfice

Friday, August 22, 2008

AddiSon RoYcE...

My Baby is TurNing 1...I cannot believe how fast the last year has gone! We took her to Kiddi Kandis to get her picture taken. They ALL had so Much FuN with her. She is SUCH a FuN BabY

My LiTtLe HeLPeR

Tonight I was making muffins for in the morning, I went to get the muffin tin, and this is what I came back too. Kohen pulled the chair up to the counter, and put the measuring spoons in the batter and was in HEaVen. He is SO daRn funny and such a JoY to have around!! I love you KoKo

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

ZaCh'S NeW LoVe

Zach's New Infatuation

Kohen is Training

The Happiest BabY ArouND

I must admit that I think that I am a LItTle JEAlouS...I wish that I could get as much AtTenTioN as ZacH's BiKe!! HE loves this THinG and Any Chance that He gets to Take off on It he is GonE! This Weekend, Him and Zane are HEaded off to the Sand Dunes for a Day full of FUN!! I must add that he is SUCH a Good Dad so IT is a NICE BrEaK for him to Head out for THe day...

SuMmEr NiGhTs

TryIng Not TO Smile

Getting Better

Sharing A TrEat with Broc

Not So Sure

My HAppY BabY

This is what SuMmer is ALL AboUt...Kohen and Addison LOVE spending time outside. It is a nice break to let them just be free. They are having a BLAST. Aunt Kristen gave Kohen a Scooter that he wiLL NOT get off of, and Addison is having a BAll now that she can CrawL..she has her own little way of Dragging one leg behind, but it gets her where SHE wants.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

...And Some MoRe CamPinG PiCs

A RefReshing Walk by the Water

All the Gerrard Boys..Al we are Proud of You..way to tear it Up!!
John, Zach, Zane, Al, Jeremy

Silver Flame....You Guys ROCK!!
Parker, Bryson, ALyssA

Kohen and Braxton entertaining All

Cherie, Addi, Cassi

GerRRaRd CaMpInG TrIp 2008

Isabelle and Kohen after throwing DiRt at each other

Kohen and Daddy

Mommy and Kohen..he could Not get enough RiDes

Cute Addi with Papa

Addi after playing in the dirt

A couple of Days after Zach got home, we headed into the Uintas with his family for a ReaLLy FuN 4 DaY campiNg TrIp. The Weather was GREaT, The ComPanY was FUn and Grandma and Papa did a GReat job with the Food and EntertaInment....(side Note..Addi decided that she was done with baby food and Bottles the day we arrived...great timing...)