Wednesday, November 5, 2008

LiTtLe SuPeR HeRoS

I am just a little behind on this post. Last Saturday all of Zach's family ran a 5K to support a fund raiser for kids with cancer in honor for our niece Kendra. I was really bummed that I missed out on this because of work. Zach took the kids and headed to Layton Park to start the race. I think it is safe to say that everyone had a GREAT experience. It is amazing to me how the people of this city have really stepped up to help out Kendra and her family. Kendra's school had a bake sale that was 3 days. They raised over $1200. It was such an incredible experience to be there when they presented the money to Zane. All of the 6th grade kids made a blanket for Kendra, so that when she goes to the hospital she will keep warm and feel her friends all around her.

As far as Kendra goes, I think that this radiation is starting to take its toll on her. She is SUCH a trooper. Her little face is so swollen and red, but yet underneath it all she has such a beautiful smile. Kendra is an example to all of us..she has and is enduring so much. Keep it up Kendra...You are an amazing little girl, and you are always in our thoughts and prayers!!!

When my kids got home from the race Kohen was so excited to show me his T-shirt and tell me all about the race. Him and Addison looked so cute in their SUPER HERO t-shirts.

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Kristen said...

The kids look so cue in their t- shirts. We missed you at the race. Zach kicked butt! You can do the race with me next year. It's our new family tradition. What a grat thing to be a part of. Love ya!