Friday, September 4, 2009

FuN Post

Every year for Mother's day we get ALL the Gerrard grand kids together and get a picture for Grandma Gerrard. We usually wait until the summer so our niece Cassie can be here, she lives in Cali. Normally we pack all the kids and head to Kiddie Kandids. This year, we decided to have our talented aunt and sister in law take the pics. She did a GREAT job. It was a FUN adventure trying to get all of these kids to look at the camera. She also got some fun shots of our kids too. Thanks Kristen, they turned out great.

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Kristen said...

Thanks Beck. I would really love to do them again. I was not that happy with them.The sun was way to bright. I am glad you liked them. Maybe we could do them again in December. It would be fun to have a winter one!:) How was the hair appt.?