Thursday, October 22, 2009

Back to Blogging!!!

It has been awhile since I have had a moment to sit and update this thing that we call our journal! Life is always CRAZY and BUSY...but we are having a GREAT time. Zach is getting through school one day at a time....doing a great job. I am really proud of him. I am still hanging out at the U of U with all of the cute babies...working! Kohen is LOVING every minute of pre school. He is doing really well. Addison is just being silly Addi and we LOVE her. I love having my one on one time with her while Kohen is at school. She misses him, but we find plenty of stuff to occupy our time. They have both been sick....poor babies. Kohen is finally over STREP. Addi has had the CROUP! Getting up every 2 hours the last couple of nights isn't what I call FUN! They are getting better.

Zach and I have had a fun month of lots of date nights. I LOVE it. He is my best friend and we seem to have lots of fun doing nothing! We are getting excited to start the Holiday Season. Fall is my favorite season. I LOVE driving around looking at the FUN decorations and the changing leaves. I LOVE the crisp air....the sweaters and boots too. Hopefully everyone is enjoying this time of year too!

2 Love Notes:

Jordan said...

Sounds like your having lots of fun! i just love fall too. If only winter wounldn't come so fast!

Dawn said...

I'm so sorry your kids are sick. That is absolutely no FUN! Rachel has croup also and Tatym is pretty sick right now. My kids have had that before and it is so sad. We had a blast the other night and look forward to more nights like that to come. WE always love hanging out with you guys. Hang in there! Love ya!!