Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

It is 5:42 am in Cairo Egypt on Father's Day...Happy Father's Day Zach!!! We wanted to be the first one's to tell you. We hope that you have a GREAT day at work. We are sad that you are not here to celebrate what a GREAT daddy you are.
Zach...You are amazing to me to watch you with our kids. I can't tell you how much they adore and miss you. This has been just as hard on them as it is on you and me. EVERY morning. Kohen asks me how many days til you come home. We are adjusting, but they sure miss playing with you, and playing basketball every Saturday or just taking them to E.G. King. You are making such FUN memories with them that they will never forget. We miss you lots and really hope that you have a WONDERFUL Father's deserve it. Thank you for being such a great husband to me. I think I might miss you the most...although it is a toss up. We can't wait for July 29 th. It will be a GREAT day. We are half way their. We LOVE you honey....

Fun Summer Days...

Classic Addi

Jared and Addi trying to get her to play

Koda waiting for the "Surprise Spray"

CUTE Porter...LOVE that SMile

Isabelle and Kohen exploring....

Usually one time while Zach is gone, I like to head down to Gateway and play in the fountains. This was the weekend. The Chalk Festival was Awesome, the weather was BEAUTIFUL and the company was pure bliss. We are watching our cousins Koda and Isabelle, we met up with Jared, Chel, Paisley and Porter...the kids LOVED every minute of it!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

SpLish sPlAsH!!

Missing YOU daddy!!

BEFORE...the BATH...not so excited...

AFTER...why did I even bathe him...


Having a BLAST

Little Miss Attitude



The SUN finally came out the last couple of days and we have been LOVING it! I decided today would be a GREAT and WARM day to give Broc a bath!!! The kids soaked up every minute of it...playing in the water and having a blast in the kiddie pool...

Monday, June 14, 2010

FuN PiCs

My lil' babes growing up!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Good lil GIRL and BOY

With Zach being gone, we all have our bad days and good days. Addi was getting to be a little STINKER...she was not listening, beating up her brother...making me loose my mind. I did a little research and came up with this chart. The kids get a sticker everyday if they do all of the things on the chart. At the end of the week, we get to do something fun. The first week, we went and saw Shrek, the 2nd week we went for a bike ride, and this last week, they got to each pick out a movie. SO far so good. They love the idea and it seems to be working great!

Brockman Tradition

It seems like the day that Zach leaves, I have to stay busy. My family knows this, so we always go for a bike ride with the Brockman cousins on the path behind Lagoon. It has become a fun tradition and the kids LOVE it.

And He is OFF....

Well the dreaded time of year came, Zach is gone to Egypt. We are surviving....some days are much harder than others, but we are making it. He has already been gone for 3 weeks. Hopefully the next 7 weeks go by just as fast. We ALL miss and LOVE you Zach!

Happy Birthday Kohen...

May 15, 2006 Changed our lives forever. Kohen Zachary Gerrard came into our family, and we were SO excited. What an experience to have him with us. He is such a little peacemaker, LOVES his sister and his dog, Broc. His Daddy is his best friend. He has been such a great kid to raise. He is a very good example and loves Primary. Thank you Kohen for being such a GREAT son. We love you xoxo Happy Birthday!

Pre-School Graduation

I can't believe that Kohen finished his first year of pre-school. He LOVED every minute of it and did a GREAT job. He learned so many fun and CrAzY songs, he learned, The Pledge Of Allegiance, He leaned all of the months, days and how to count. It was a great experience for us. We are excited to have him and Addi go next year. Way to GO Buddy...We are SO proud of you!


We were out having fun on a Sunday afternoon, and Kohen says, Dad I want to ride that bike with no training wheels...he pretty much got on and started riding with no training wheels. He has been a GREAT bike rider and LOVES it. It was so FUN! Way to go Kohen!


This is LONG over due...finding time to update this thing is nearly impossible, but well worth the time when I do find it. This year Easter was really fun. We did the traditional egg dying, egg finding fun, and the kids loved it. I loved it to, because this was the first time I have ever dyed eggs too. It was really fun to make these memories with my kids.