Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Life...or Something Like It

I am happy to report that Zach has been gone for 2 months and we only have 23 days LEFT! The time seems to be going by fast. I keep us as busy as possible. This has been an eventful summer to say the least. Addison has had 2 ear infections and a nasty skin virus. We are on our 3rd set of antibiotics, and she is also on Allergy medicine too. Poor little girl, but it doesn't seem to phase her at all. Kohen has been a GREAT kid all around. He is always wanting to help me around the house and he is such a big helper. He loves to water the grass, take out the trash and vacuum. He is really good at whatever I tell him. We are all anticipating having Zach home, especially Kohen.

Zach's uncle Denny passed away on June 29, 2009..we were all a little surprised. Thankfully John was here to take care of everything. He is an amazing person. I only met uncle Denny a few times, but seemed to be a nice person. We headed up to Evanston for a private viewing and a graveside service, it was really nice and I enjoyed seeing where John grew up. The Gerrard side of the family is always so fun to be around. At first I was worried that I would be going without Zach, but I felt very comfortable, just felt bad for Zach that he had to miss it.

Also, Zach's grandma is in the process of passing away, she is one strong lady and is hanging on for one reason or another. Hospice told us last Tuesday that she would pass within 24 hours...she is still with us. Sherie, Zach's mom has been by her side through it all. Grandma Hicks has been so fun to get know. I feel so blessed that my kids got to meet and get to know their great-grandma. She and Grandpa Hicks always have a funny story to tell and always made us laugh. Kohen and Addi loved to give them kisses. We know that Grandma will be out of pain and in a much better place...if she would just let go. I went to visit her about a week ago and was surprised at how frail she was. I told her goodbye and gave her a kiss for Zach, she squeezed my hand when I mentioned Zach. We will have lots of fun memories of her and Grandpa.

We have had lots of fun at Cherry Hill, spending time in Midway with my family and having Aunt Nicole here. Hopefully the next couple weeks fly by....we can't wait to have Zach home.

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