Monday, December 20, 2010

ReUnited, and it feels so GOOD!

We had such an awesome Summer and I am especially grateful that Zach was home for this event. Zach has a niece, Brittanie who is 17. She lives in New Jersey with her dad, stepmom and 2 little brothers. I have never met her, and neither had my kids. Zach's family had not seen her in over 6 years. Brittanie came in town this last summer and started texting his parents. This was a miracle and soooo many prayers had been answered. We had the opportunity to see Brittanie for a few days. She is a doll. The little girls were glued to her side, and I think that she loved every minute of it. It was amazing like she had always been around. I am so glad that I finally got to meet her and she is a part of our everyday lives. We of course got tons of pics. She is SUCH a beautiful girl...just like her mama.

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