Monday, November 17, 2008

PlaYiNg CaTcH uP & RaNdOm PiCs

This has been a fun and interesting week. It all started with me getting strep, a kidney infection and a LOVELY infection in my mouth behind my mucus membranes..due to strep!!!

It was a FUN birthday week for me. WE got tickets to Disney on Ice to take Kohen and He LOVED every minute of it. IT was the best birthday present to see him have such a good time. WE can't wait until Addi is old enough to enjoy it too. Friday morning I woke up to my kids and Zach singing HaPpY BiRtHdAy!! IT was SOOO cute. Zach made me Eggs Benedict..HOMEMEADE!! WHat a GREAT Husband...We love to go to Ruth's Diner for my Birthday for BReakfast, but this year he made it for me...I think that is better than RUth'S...Thanks Zach you are the BEST.

Zach and I had a night out with out the kiddies it was soooooo NICE. I don't remember the last time it was just the 2 of us. We enjoyed a movie and dinner...thanks Mom...I really enjoyed it and had a GREAT Day!! Saturday was back to work and the daily grind. When I came home from work Zach and the kids made me a BIRTHDAY cake. IT was so cute and really fun to let them just dig in..especially my Addi...she LOVES to get her hands dirty. All in all with me feeling like crap and still working it turned out to be a GREAT week and Such a FUN BIrthday!!! Thanks Zach, Kohen and Addison.....I LOVE YOU!!!

Kohen eating Breakfast with his GREEN HAT

My CUTE Boys

Kohen LOVES Cake

Addi Digging In

My Birthday Breakfast

4 Love Notes:

KT and Lance said...

I'm jealous your hubby cooks! Happy Birthday! Sorry you've been sick! It's never fun when mommy is sick! Hope you are feeling better, cute pic's of the kids!

Carrie said...

Happy Late Birthday!!! Those are way cute pics I love how Zac and Coen have matching hoodies that is so stinkin cute!

The Bingham's said...

Happy Birthday!! No fun being so though, but it sounds like you were still having fun!! Love the cute picture of addi with the cake.

naptime nostalgia said...

Happy Birthday! Those eggs look Delish.