Friday, June 19, 2009

5 Weeks DOWN 4 to GO

We are SOOOOO Half way and I am SOOOOO ready to have my husband back. Zach has been gone for 5 weeks and we are all surviving. He is doing great working hard, and golfing every Saturday. We at home are doing great too. We have our good days and our bad ones for sure...but then who doesn't. We have had a fun summer when the sun is out. I love to take my kids to Cherry Hill. They are little water babies and LOVE it. They love to play outside and enjoy hanging out with all the kids on our street.

I must admit that having a 3 year old and almost 2 year old is VERY challenging. I often wonder where my sweet little boy went, and where Addison gets ALL of her energy. I feel like this summer has been a lot more challenging to me trying to balance everything out. They for sure are my 2 favorite people and I love them to pieces...but HOLY MOLY sometimes. I am so blessed to have family around to help out when I need, also Sandy....I would die without you. You are my saving grace. Thank you for all that you do for us as a family. We love you and your family so much. I feel so blessed to have friends that call and check on us. Jordan I LOVED hanging out with you. It felt so nice to talk to a mom that feels the same frustration as I do. You are a blast.

I for sure couldn't have done any of this without Zach. Yes, he SO far away, but at the same time he is only a phone call away. Thank you for being so patient and listening to me at 3:00 am your time. I can't wait to be back together as a family and enjoy the rest of our summer. Hopefully the sun will be here to stay.

I love my peeps so much....Zach, Kohen, Addison and Broc!

6 Love Notes:

Staci J said...

You're my hero Beck! How in the world do you do it! I'm sitting here feeling like my day could not get any worse, counting the minutes until Rod gets home... what would I do if he wasn't coming home! Probably die, or my kids might! Thank you for your positive, amazing example! I love you!

Wall-e-Family said...

Becky, we love your family, I love having your kids around. We will be glad when your family is back together again too. We are very lucky to have the Gerrards as neighbors! Love ya!

The Bingham's said...

Believe me I know how it is. Family and friends are amazing. I often think of the General Conference talk from Oct. given by Elder Holland about angels, those seen and unseen that aid us everyday. Oh so true!!

Jordan said...

You are a great example to me! I would never be able to have such a positive attitude like you have. He will be home before you know it.

p.s. i could stand to have a pedi every month!

Anna said...

You are so brave.It has to be suoer tough but you are doing it Becky!!! Thanks again for all of the baby clothes. You are so sweet and thoughtful! I love you to pieces!

Alexis said...

I don't know how you do it! Mason is obsessed with the binky too except she calls them "bink". You'll have to tell me how you get addi off them because i guarantee you she'll be off them before mason. :)