Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Say Cheese!

They thought that is was so funny to be twins for bed. They are both wearing Kohen's under shirts. They are so fun and cute. I can't help but laugh at these little stinkers!

Strike a POSE!

Our little Addi is OBSESSED with Binky's. She had both of them in her mouth and said, "CHEESE"....that takes talent. Zach, when you get home that is your assignment...MO MORE BINKA...that is what Addi calls them.

Kohen just having fun before bath time. He loves when his BIG cousins give him their old T-Shirts. Thanks Braden....He LOVES this one.

Our Daily Pout...What a cute Face!

2 Love Notes:

Anna said...

Too cute!!!

Brock and Carrie said...

You kids are soo stinkin cute!!