Monday, May 5, 2008

I finally did it!!

I finally gave in and started a BLOG!!! I love looking at everyone's and I thought that it would be a great way for Zach to see the kiddi's while he is away in Egypt this summer. We will miss him SO MUCH!!!! Hopefully this works. Welcome to our Blog...Zach, Becky, Kohen, Addison and Broc... I will post pics soon!!!

4 Love Notes:

Dusty said...

Yea Becky! I love to look at blogs and now it will be so fun to see what your family is up to! It is such a great way to stay connected to so many people and a great way to journal.

Dawn said...

I love your blog. I'm so impressed. For a beginner blogger you rock!! Can't wait to see you and your cute family. love ya!

Alan Abby Carden Maxwell said...

Welcome to the world of blogging. It is about time. I knew you would cave in. Your blog looks great! It is so cute and I would have thought you were a professional blogger. I'll add you to my list.
Much love,

JamieN said...

Becky, Yay! I'm so excited you have a blog. This was the best invention ever. It's so fun to keep up with everyone. It's fun to see you and your darling family. Zach still goes to Egypt, huh? Crazy. I'll add you to our blog if you don't mind.