Sunday, May 11, 2008


Kohen is turning the BIG 2 on May 15th, but we celebrated his birthday with friends and family on Saturday. Kohen loves to watch "Zebra" (Madagascar) So we threw him a little Madagascar birthday party. It was so fun, we celebrated at the park. He had a BBQ all of the kids played on the toys, we opened presents, ate cake, and hit 2 pinatas. Kohen is a lucky little boy, he has TONS of cousins and was able to have almost all of them at his party. They are all his best friends.

He is such a funny little guy..his laugh is so contiguous, he LOVES to be outside and play with anyone that will play with him. He is a good big brother and loves his sister...although I think that she loves him more at the moment. He loves to chase Broc all around the house and go to fridge and get Chocolate milk. We are SO thankful that he is a healthy little boy and cannot imagine our lives with him. Kohen we love you SO much!!!

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Dusty said...

Happy Birthday Boy! Two years is so fun and SO busy!!! This little guy couldn't be any cuter!