Wednesday, August 20, 2008

SuMmEr NiGhTs

TryIng Not TO Smile

Getting Better

Sharing A TrEat with Broc

Not So Sure

My HAppY BabY

This is what SuMmer is ALL AboUt...Kohen and Addison LOVE spending time outside. It is a nice break to let them just be free. They are having a BLAST. Aunt Kristen gave Kohen a Scooter that he wiLL NOT get off of, and Addison is having a BAll now that she can CrawL..she has her own little way of Dragging one leg behind, but it gets her where SHE wants.

2 Love Notes:

Carrie said...

Kohen looks so cute ridding around the neighborhood on his scotter! I am so glad he is starting to warm up to me you guys are such a cute family!

Kristen said...

Kohen looks so cute on the scooter. I'am glad he likes it. Thanks again for the flowers and for letting Tessa stay with you for the weekend.We really appreciated it. Love ya!