Wednesday, August 20, 2008

ZaCh'S NeW LoVe

Zach's New Infatuation

Kohen is Training

The Happiest BabY ArouND

I must admit that I think that I am a LItTle JEAlouS...I wish that I could get as much AtTenTioN as ZacH's BiKe!! HE loves this THinG and Any Chance that He gets to Take off on It he is GonE! This Weekend, Him and Zane are HEaded off to the Sand Dunes for a Day full of FUN!! I must add that he is SUCH a Good Dad so IT is a NICE BrEaK for him to Head out for THe day...

2 Love Notes:

Liz said...

I know how you feel, Lon sold his bike a year ago, and that is ALL I here about, how he lost his best freind. Oh poor Lonny:-) Anyways every one looks great, summer is such a fun time for kids, I am dreading the confinement of winter. O well I guess we need that time to catch up on much needed R&R.

Kristen said...

Addi is the cutest baby ever! I love her smile it is contagious.