Saturday, July 26, 2008

A LittLE SliCE of HeaVeN

Porter and Kohen playing

Mommy and Kohen sailing

Mommy, Addi and Kohen

Kohen being CUTE

Olivia, Kade, Blake and Porter

Well today was the last day of our Family Reunion!! It has been so much fun hanging out with everyone, and getting to know each other a little better. We saved the best for last. He hung out at Debbie and Wayne's. They have the such a FUN house. It is built around a lake, and has such an AWESOME view. The kids had a BLAST hanging out...playing in the water, fishing, building sand castles and just being with each other. The adults had fun talking, taking naps and just watching the kids. Deb and Wayne we are SO glad that you live in Utah. THanks for making our day so FUN. We will miss everyone!! What a PErfecT ending to a FUN FAmiLY ReunION!!

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Dawn said...

right on top of things beck! love the current blog posts. today was a blast and i'm really going to miss all of you. we always have the best time together. the picture of kohen with the chocolate face is my FAVORITE! You have the sweetest most adorable kids and you are the best mom! i'm so glad zach will be home soon. love ya cuz!!