Saturday, July 5, 2008

Land of the FREE..Because of the BRAVE..Happy 4th of JULY

Happy 4th Of July!!! We had a great time with the Brockman/Blake Family. Thanks Scott for having such a fun BBQ and an AWESOME place to watch fireworks. The weather was perfect, the company was a blast JUST one thing missing........MY HUSBAND!!! We missed Zach lots for the 4th. This was a fun year with our kids. Kohen had such a great time watching the fireworks and thought they were SO CoOl! Addi loved to hear the noises and got SO excited. We are on the count down for Zach to be Home.....3 WEEKS Left. We CAN'T Wait!!!!
These past couple days I have been touched by the thoughts of our military and the sacrifices that they make for our country. We are so blessed to live in this country where we are able to live by choice. We are not forced to believe a certain way or live a specific way. We are Free because so many men and women have fought for this privilage. I am moved to tears to think of all the families that have paid the ultimate sacrifce of a family member, father, brother, sister, mother. We are so blessed to live in this Land and to have the freedoms we have.

4 Love Notes:

Dusty said...

I appreciate your thoughts on freedom. Addie is so cute and so pretty. ARe her eyes green? Also, love the big flower bow, I really need some for Rachel.

Dusty said...

Wish we were there to celebrate at such a party! Honestly can't wait for our reunion!! Loved your comments on this post. See ya soon! p.s. just got done making Dusty some flower headbands for Rachel so she can look as cute as Addie does!

Dawn said...

The second comment by Dusty was actually from me. I was on her computer and didn't realize it put me under her name.

Becky said...

Dawn and Dusty,
We are SO excited to have you and 5 CUTE girls come and play with us!! We love FUN cute HEadbands. Can't wait to see all of you!!