Tuesday, September 2, 2008

BoReD aT WoRk

I am SO bored at work. It has been so crazy around here. I work at the U of U and we usually are a BABY Factory...I mean we have an average of 300 babies born a month..the last couple of days have been SO boring. I know as I am writing babies are being born and I will probably be running around like a chicKen with my head cut off tomorrow. Anyway, I was doing what I do BEST....BLOG StOcKinG and I came across the BLOG called Seriously So Blessed...It is HILARIOUS. If any of you other BLOG STOCKERS are bored check it out..it is a crack up..you know good Mormon humor.

I was also thinking that my LitTle Addison turns 1 on September 11! Yes, I know a great day to be born right....well her due date wasn't until October 23, 2007..but things got kind of crazy and she needed out as much as I needed her out. Zach said it well, when he said it is a sad day to celebrate something good. We are having a birthday party for her on Saturday night. It will be FuN. We LOVE to have parties with our families....anyway, that is all for now...CHEERS!

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Cory and Holly said...

What the hell? I checked out your seriously so blessed blog and really... What the hell? It is hilarious but so so random.... Of course I'll be checking it from now on, but how did you find that? See ya next week! Happy B-day Addi!!!