Saturday, September 13, 2008

Utah State Fair...08

Yesterday we took Kohen and Addi to the fair to celebrate Addi's Birthday!!! We all HAD a Blast. It was so fun, Kohen loved the rides, Addi LOVED to watch and she even went on a few rides and did great. The weather was perfect. We will for sure be going back next year...Happy Birthday Addison....

Addison's Stats at 1 year old:

  • Weight: 16lbs 11oz
  • Height: 27"
  • Teeth: 2 bottom ones
  • Crawling or cruzing...CRUZING
  • Talking: Dada, Mama, Koko, Go
  • Tricks: Peek A Boo, Paddy Cake, She knows how Old she is
  • Best and Cuttest Baby...We LOVE you Addison...

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5 Love Notes:

Jodip12 said...

What a little cutie. And I mean little! I love it. Havn't seen you around the neighborhood, glad to see your doing well!

Kristen said...

I am glad you found the pictures. It looks like you guys had a blast. We have never been to the fair. Let us know and we will go with you next year.-K-

sandi said...

I didn't know that you b
blogged. I just saw your comment on Kellies blog and then linked to your blog. Your kids are so cute! Sounds like you guys are keeping busy. I love keeping in touch through blogs so I will be checking in on you.

Cory and Holly said...

Man! Everyone made it to that dang fair but us!! I wanted to, but things just kept coming up! Oh well, hopefully next year! It looked like you had a blast!

Heidi said...

YOur kids are so cute! They are getting so big. Sounds like you are keeping busy, hope all is well. Keep in touch.