Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Today I am thankful for....

  • Zach

  • Kohen and Addison

  • Safety

  • The Holy Ghost

  • My Religion

  • Being able to speak 2 languages fluently

  • The OppORtunity to HElp other People....

  • My Extended FamiLy

Today has been an interesting day. I was able to witness a HORRIBLE accident, be the one to call 911, help a lady that was 7 months pregnant who spoke Spanish only, help and love kids that I have never met. I am SO Thankful that it was not me, but that I was able to help. It is amazing how the Holy Ghost whispers to you the things that you need to do. I am SO grateful today for my many blessings....Especially my FAMILY!

2 Love Notes:

Kristen said...

I'am thankful that you feel like you can call me and ask for help. We are glad you guys were'nt part of the accident. Love ya!

Wall-e-Family said...

Things like that affect you for the rest of your lives. We are all instruments in Gods hands in some way, you were there for him yesterday. Glad you were not part of it as well.