Wednesday, September 10, 2008

WhY BlOg???

I found this on the LDS living website and feel that it definitely applies to blogging. I decided to post it as a reminder to myself to do better. Hope it works!
10 Great Reasons to Keep a Journal
1. Keeping a journal helps you see how God has touched your life.
2. A journal captures a life story for oneself and for posterity.
3. Daily journaling sets an example for children and other family members to follow.
4. Looking back at personal experiences can help when analyzing situations and solving problems.
5. Recording daily occurrences and personal feelings helps foster personal growth.
6. Keeping a record of daily events, facts, and feelings can enhance intuition and creativity.
7. Recording personal trials and emotions can reduce stress and help in the healing process.
8. Recording life experiences helps to know oneself better.
9. Journaling is a simple and easy task that provides an invaluable source of history to look back on.
10. Journaling helps exercise writing skills and explore talents.

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